The Michael Jackson This Is It was not above the expectations I had but I admit I had goose bumps and got the chills after watching Michael sing or dance on the stage even watching his dancers perform beside him made my skin crawl.
I got a new perspective of Michael Jackson, of his life on stage and of his songs. He was a perfectionist and such a sweet person and I think that just that and many other things is why he has and had so devoted fans.

For once i started to listen to the substance of his lyrics and what they were all about and his message in his songs it really got to me.

I admire Michael I admire him as a person and I admire his voice, he was 50 years old when he died and his voice was still as pure that age like it were when he was just a little kid and that is something rare and nothing you will find among other artist these days.

Michael have made a change in the world and to people and he still does .. to me Michael is still alive ..


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