In The Beginning

I wanted to try my camera, which you can take photos under the surface with, in Biarritz. It's my brother on the board by the way.


ONLY SWIMSUITS from American Apparel 2oo9






I adore American Apparel and now have I looked at their swimsuit collection, as you can see above. Visit their homesite for bikinis also. CLICK IT>>


Slow Motion

BBC:s programme of the surfer Dylan Longbottom in a 12 foot monster barrel - the first shots of their kind ever recorded. Amazing!


One day


Today it was very hot outside so we desided to take our skateboard and streetsurfing and have some fun with it. Michaela took the most of the photos and therefore why it's so many with me on.

Sara and Michaela

La Vida Loca

Photo: Enrique Badulescu   Styling: Franck Benhamou   Models: Sean O, Troy and David Smith

Do it like H&M! Check their new magazin and website here


Night Swim

Photo: Solve Sundsbo   Styling: Franck Benhamou   Model: Shannan Click

Do it like H&M! Check their new magazin and website here


Just smile

I love this picture! I saw it in Biarritz as you can see beneath. My brother absolutly love the third shorts on the pics. And so do I. Visit them here.


Houndredes of people dancing at Segels torg in Stockholm to honor King of Pop.
I´m a very proud Swedish at the moment! I can't come up to a better idea than dancing to one of MJ:s most well known songs.

Dare Use Colour





Volcom or


When the sun shines it looks best with some colour on the beach. It has been very popular last year but even this summer, both for boys and chicks. So if you're gonna lay some extra money on your beach-outfit, choose colour!


Swimsuit Magazin 2009 (3 Apr 2009)

You find their website here


Vacation is never wrong

I just came home from Biarritz in France after two weeks of surfing. The weather was wonderful all the time. I´m gonna show you photos in the near future.
This pictures is taken from a video and therefore the bad quality. Anyway, it´s from Hawaii there I spent Christmas and New year.



Hi there!

In this blog we (Sara and Michaela) are gonna bring upp everything that suits us by about street, hip-hop and modern fashion.
We're also gonna write about surfing and sk8ting of course. A couple of tip about almost all or nothing will show up as well. Hope you enjoy it!

Peace and love.

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